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Lighten your cards, group them in checklists, simplify your Release Notes …

Make your life easier with the Booklet by Vince Power-Up.

Generate a document ready to share in markdown format from your board, lists or cards.

Quickly group or create a list of cards in a checklist.

Directly export your data into an Excel file.

Easily copy or move your cards between your boards.

Labelize a set of cards in one shot.

Sort your lists as you like…

All your datas come with you

Custom fields and votes are now available in Booklet actions (sorting, exporting..)

You created a Power-Up and want a Booklet integration?

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Add Booklet to your browser,

to your Bookmarks bar.

👑 Booklet by Vince

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So we created Vince, and it's getting better 👍

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